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Hart of Dixie Review: Disaster Drills & Departures

If I could rename this week’s Hart of Dixie I would’ve gone with the “The Filler & the Fake Out.”

Obviously Dr. Zoe Hart can’t leave a show that is centered on the idea of her living in Alabama. No Hart, no Bluebell and we’re talking about a different show here.

Maybe it’s the fact that we knew she wouldn’t really leave, but I couldn’t really get invested in the idea that Zoe wanted to skip town. Despite a few good scenes, I just wasn’t feeling this episode overall.

I do understand that Zoe had a lot of guilt about Rose considering she’s had ice flowing through her veins all of these years. Rose seems to be one of the first people that Zoe genuinely cared about. But Zoe is a strong girl and she couldn’t even stand up for herself to Rose’s mother who blamed her for almost “killing Rose” when all she did was convince her to let her go on a date. How would Zoe know Rose had appendicitis if she wasn’t complaining about it?

Surprisingly I was actually interested in George and Lemon’s storyline this week. Call me crazy, but I wasn’t too surprised to learn that George and Lemon haven’t been getting it on much these past few months. Her failed seduction attempt was funny, but it was their reminiscing that I really enjoyed.

Hearing about how they first got together back in the day and some of their memories gave us a little insight into the life of George and Lemon and what drew them together to begin with.

I would’ve liked to see more of a reaction from Wade about Zoe leaving town before she popped back through the door. He is just as immature with his feelings as she is. Next week’s finale looks like it’s going to make up for this week’s slower episode. What’d you all think?

Hart of Dixie Review: The Race & The Relationship via

“There’s just no getting over youuuuu.”

Excuse me while I have that Dave Guetta song blasting in my head. Bluebell should be renamed “Unrequited Love-ville.” It pretty much sucks to be there right now. Even for Rose who had the drama free date, her night ended with a trip to the hospital after exploding appendicitis.

As predicted, Zoe not only got her hopes up but she entered a relay race. Anytime you’re getting athletic for a dude, it’s time to call things into question. Well I suppose for other people this isn’t a big deal, I’m just fairly lazy. Anyway, as I also predicted George obviously worked it out with Lemon.

Of course this took a lot of fighting and a big dramatic gesture on Lemon’s part, but the truth is this is a 15-year relationship. They weren’t just going to throw that away. It sucks that Zoe fell for a guy who was engaged. Sometimes you can’t help how you feel and there’s no other way to say it than it just sucks.

As for the adorable Wade Kinsella, he had many chances to tell Zoe how he felt. He acted kind of childish to assume she would suddenly want to be with him if he professed his love the week after he royally insulted her. Can these two work out it? Should they work it out? Is it possible that Wade will sway Zoe from fleeing back to New York? Tune in next week!

Hart of Dixie Review: 1x19 Destiny & Denial

“So I see you’re not in denial, you’re in an erectile dysfunction ad.”- Zoe to George

This week’s episode of Hart of Dixie, “Destiny & Denial” was all about the fallout from last week big revelation. You know, the one about Lemon and Lavon hitting it while George was in New York?

Like I said last week, it’s not the affair that bothered me so much as it was the lying. George’s decision to move to New York isn’t an excuse for Lemon to have cheated but people make mistakes, especially in times of crisis. She should’ve confessed to George. No one should enter into a marriage with a partner who is hiding something major from him or her.

That said, the amount of relief George felt for most of this week’s episode is an indication that there were doubts on his part as well. He also clearly has feelings for Zoe. Even though he hasn’t acted on them while he was engaged to Lemon, he waited just about a hot second before he made his move tonight.

These two need to work some major shit out before they reconcile, which let’s face it, they probably will.

I just don’t want my little Zoe getting her hopes up. She is so friggin smitten the way she rushed to New Orleans and saved the napkin as a love token. And hello? Those movie choices! You don’t suggest watching Unfaithful with a guy if you’re not looking to get down.

In other news, Dash’s show was semi irritating, Tom is shockingly older than I thought, and Wade deserved that hangover after last week’s bitchslap to Zoe. What’d you guys think of “Destiny & Denial?”

My Zoe Hart inspired outfit from sat night

Hart of Dixie Review: 1x18 Bachelorettes and Bullets

Normally I consider Hart of Dixie to be my saccharin sweet palate cleanser that I use to relax after all of the horrid crap that I watch. (I’m looking at you Gossip Girl!) But tonight’s episode was more of a bummer than I expected.

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